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in which you find my life
to be somewhat boring
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18th-Dec-2008 06:02 pm - 01. life here in my world
pink has never been so manly
hallo hallo~

this may or may not turn out to be a friends only journal- we'll see how paranoid i get in the future :]

so oh man, looking forward for winter break D: only a couple days away~soon all the american side of the family will be flying to our home for the holidays. which would be awesome if my dad hadn't decided to start remodeling his bathroom two weeks ago ;A;

damn, so i went to go see twilight two days ago with my cousin. i personally couldn't get past the first two chapters and she had never read it before, but we were pleasantly surprised at how unintentionally funny the movie was. <3

~*THIS IS THE SKIN OF A KILLER*~. oh edward, you slay me.

and i shall direct you to my tegaki-e (http://www.unowen.net/tegaki/uentries.php?u=17026) because what better way to get to know me than to look at my art? <3

other stuff posted in the scrap-book~
time to go make some friends :3

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